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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sometimes all you need is a holiday :) MY FIRST CRUISE *_*

And I just say HELLOOOOOO again..... :) 

I think the topic itself speaks out what I truly mean ;) So this definitively was so much needed for me !!!!!
I was feeling really really down for some reason again and not sure what I really could or wanna do :S 

Oh and then my family surprised me with a holiday ;) *_* OMG I was so excited as I got to know it: Me and my Mam would do a cruise with the AIDA ferry!!!!! 
AHHHHHHH this is crazy cool isn´t it? :D 
So where would we go? The CANARY ISLANDS and MADEIRA ;)
So we started on Saturday morning by flying to Gran Canaria, where our cruise the Aidacara was waiting in the harbor! Aaaaw.....*_* 

We both were so nervous and excited ;) the ship went off the harbor the next day and now we were one day at the sea ;) hahaa it really was a bit wobbly :D but all in all I wasn´t seasick fortunately ;) The food buffet in the restaurants on board was amazing ;) and so special with such funny staff :D The very amazing thing for me on the ship was that since a very long time now, I truly was able to relax and forget about many worries :) sounds like a cliche but it really was like floating :) 

On wednesday we arrived in Madeira, in the port of the capital Funchal ;) Oh such a stunning view, I absolutely have to say ;) we booked a tour ;) so we had the possibility to visit the colorful city market, a wine distillery, try some liquor, visit a cathedral, take a ride in the cable car over the town and have a view at the amazing botanical garden :) really stunning ;) On the next day we also were on sea again ;) we really joined the ride ;) hahaa no we just chilled at the pool deck most of the time and went eating ;) 

Lanzarote was our next stop: We took part at a jeep safari ;) the island definitively looked so much different than we expected: So much volcanic and black sands and so on :) All in all it was a quite really cool experience :) 
The next port we sailed into was the one of San Sebastian de La Gomera ;)  a so much smaller island with many green hills and fields ;) such a contrast ;) but very lovely to drive and make stops at ;) 
On the next morning we already arrived at Teneriffa ;) where we headed to a harbor to do a trip with a catamaran and saw some whales and also dolphins :) I was just like WOW! In the afternoon me and mammy went to Santa Cruz for doing some shopping and stopping by at Mc Donalds haha:D 

Our last stop again was Gran Canaria from where we then flew hoooooome again :( so on saturday night we were in Munich again :S 
I am always sooooo sad when a holiday is over, especially if it was such a special one as this one was for me ;) so thanks Mama for doing this trip with me!!! <3 I learned a lot about the pleasures of life again ;) 
Wednesday, June 8, 2016

EM ;) Okay I am no fan of soccer, but anyway it is time for a new post ;)

Huhhuuuuuuu my beeeeeebs ;) 

How are you? ;) Weeeeeell I am quite happy the last days ;) even though today the weather is like shit again, but the last days were sooo sunny and warm ;) this always boosts my mood ;) as well as having a wonderful time with my family and friends, going out, working my job and and and... ;) 

Haha I am not really sure if I ever told you that I am no big fan of soccer or football at all ;) but every championship I am also watching some of those games ;) 
And I took this one as an occasion for writing a new blog post ;) For this I thought about all the playing nations coming together at one table ;) and what foods would they bring for sharing ;) so it now is time for one of my foodiiiie posts ;) Like I thought which country which meal? ;) What would you bring as a national dish for sharing it with the others? ;) 

For me it even is quite difficult to find something typical german ;) PUUUUUUH 
But in my researches I found out the most typical dish for Germany is the Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Kartoffelpüree (mashed potatoes) and mustard ;) also other sausages like Currywurst mit Pommes (fries, chips), or in the southern regions Weißwurst mit Brezen ;) But all in all I think it is sooooo difficult to find ONE special dish for a country ;) I think some of those I will write now will be sooooo cliché for you right? ;) 

Soooo Italy may be one of the most obvious ones ;) Because who would say no to a Pizzaaaaa freshly made in an Italian Pizzeria ? :O also I think many different variations of Pasta are sooo typically for this beautiful southern country *_* 

A country I love soooo unbelievably much is Ireland :-* And for this one it was not so hard to find a speciality ;) It is the well-known Irish Stew ;) probably and sometimes added a hint of Guinness hehe ;) 

Being already in this area of the world I also switch over to Great Britain :) Another very very special island for me ;) so stunning to be ;) A national dish is for sure Fish & Chips ;) And now imagine having some of it at a stunning, fascinating beach in the middle of nowhere in GB *_* heaven right? ;) 

Ooooh I am now realizing there are soooo many cool countries to introduce their meals, so I now try to make it a little bit shorter :D
Spain (Paella -> A rice pan with different kinds of fish, meat and vegetables, Tortillas, Tapas),
Sweden (Köttbullar-> meat balls ;) you all know them from Ikea right? :S such a cliche), 
Turkey (Döner), 
Ukraine (Borscht), 
Portugal (Bacalhau-> it is a fish regionally made), 
Hungary (Gulasch),
 France (Crepe-> a very thin pancake filled with everything you want, Pot-au-Feu), 
Austria (Wiener Schnitzel-> a breaded cutlet), 
Greece (Moussaka), 

Sooo I hope so so much I am not wrong about anything of this ;) but I tried my best on researching it ;) hehe wish you a wonder wonderful evening now my Loves ;) xxxx