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Thursday, July 30, 2015

What we all maybe have in common?! :)

Huuhhuuuuuu my honeys *_* 
Here I am back again ;) after three full days of listening and listening and listening in uni :) Oh I can tell you, only talking about ONE subject (which was teaching in a full day school ;)) can be so boring :) and only being in the same room the whole day, too :( 
I simply am that kind of person who needs more distraction and diversity I think :) writing about what today? Oh right something which always bothered and I was confused about is the fact, that so so many of us, who suffer from an ED have jobs in the educational, pedagogical and caring sector :) I don't know if this anyhow is a true fact, but especially on Instagramm I see so many many young people who suffer from any form of an ED who work for example as a nurse, psychologist, teacher, tutor or meedicin :) 
Self-Care #quotes 
So what do all those have in common? They care for other people and their well-being :) so this is something I really think is interesting :) they all care for others, but at last or not in any form for themselves :( they want others to be fine and treated good and equal, but suffer in their own bodies and nurish it incompletely :( WHY? :( I absolutely have no idea..... I mean I personally can tell from my experience, that I simply am that kind of person who wants that others are happy, no matter what I can do for achieving it :) I also reflect all the dissatisfaction of somebody else on me ;) I truly don't know why, but I always think it is my fault that someone is unhappy or discontent :( 
So my cuties something we really have to learn in life is to focus so much more on ourselves! What we truly want and reach!! Nobody else lives your life for you and nobody else suffers if you don't nourish yourself right :( it only is you! So take care for your body :) 
YOur body should be a place in which your soul enjoys to live! 
Love u all so much and I wish you a lovely lovely day now :) 
Saturday, July 25, 2015

Buuuuuuuuucket List :-*

Hey my cuuuuute honey bees :) <3

Soooooooorry for the whole lack of posting (I hope you don´t leave my blog because of this :(), but I had all my tests in the last week and now I finally passed my laaaaaast one *_* yeeeey

So but now back to blogging, so today I simply felt a bit like writing down my goals in life or my buuuuucket list :) you know, things you wanna do or see before you are dead :) I hoope you like it ;) And I thought of adding new things to it by times and crossing out the old ones, if I finally was able to do them :) 

  • Love myself and see the real ME by looking in the mirror 
  • Overcome anorexia and beat Miss Mager once for all time
  • Find the love of my life
  • Travel around the whole world once in my life
  • Get my first salary
  • Sleep on the back of a truck under the stars
  • Own a beach house 
  • Go on a road trip through the USA
  • Have a candle light dinner 
  • Go camping in a van or with a tent
  • Make holidays in a resort or club hotel
  • Own my own flat and arrange it just the way I like it 
  • Kiss someone in the rain
  • Get a university degree (preferably in my studying subject)
  • Go to a festival
  • Get totally drunk
  • Meet my blogging friends from all over the world
  • Live a term in a foreign country
  • Float in the death sea or swim in an natural pool
  • Go backpacking or make interrail
  • Serve in a restaurant or work as a waitress 
  • Have a five-course meal at a restaurant


Would you have any suggestions for me to add to my list? =) I would really be happy to expand it a little bit :) 
Soooo I hope you all have a lovely lovely Saturday now and enjoy life to its fullest! I wish all the happiness to you! 
Sunday, July 12, 2015

OMG I am proud of myself: I first wrote a recipeeeeeeeeeee *_* hahaa

Huhuuuuu my deeeeears ;) 
As some of youuuuuu recommended me to write a little bit about Germany and typical german things, I now thought this would be a good time ;) because many of you will maybe plan to do some holidays ;) so why not come down to Bavaria and visit me hahaaa :) 
So as you all know I live in the South and there unfooooooortunately is no ocean or seaaa :( I would love to have a beach in my near surrounding, but the nearest sea is the Mediteranean Sea or the North or the Baltic Sea.....
But back to the actual topic ;) I just got to know that my auntie in Ireland is doing some campaign which is called: "Rent a Bavarian" :) (which she does for a fund raising society :))
Sounds funny right? ;) hihii actually she offers now to come to your house and cook a typical bavarian or german dish like Spätzle or Applestrudel :) So I thought this is such a good idea and it is time to write a post about a typical german dish and how to prepare and do it ;) 

The only question now was: WHAAAAAAT TO CHOOSE? :S rather something sweet or a main dish? a Brotzeit or a Cake? ;) 
So you maybe remember from one of my earlier posts:;postID=1918907825070796464;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=49;src=postname
that there are so many many delish things :) and as I am such a bad girl at making decisions, I asked my mum ;) 
Hahaaa so we agreed with each other that it would be funny to start with something to bake (because since I can remember I always loved baking with my mammy :)) and soooo I will show you now a typical German cake: Donauwellen (it also was one of my birthday cakes every year:)) sooo yummy :) 

A Donauwelle is usually a sheet cake with several layers. The bottom layer is a black and white cake with cherries inserted. After the baking you spread the cake with a vanilla pudding butter layer and top it with chocolate. Hihiiii as a Nutella girl you can even add some Nutella in the chocolate layer for example *_*

Selfmade by Mama:)
So the ingredients you need are: 

  • Pudding layer:
  • 1 Pkg. Vanilla Pudding
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • 500 ml milk
  • 250g soft butter

  • Cake layer:
  • 5 eggs
  • 250g soft, smooth butter
  • 150g sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 375g flour
  • 2,5 teaspoons baking powder
  • 20g cocoa powder
  • 1 Tablespoon milk
  • 2 glasses (each 400g) sour cherries 
  • (drained from the glass) 

  • Chocolate topping:
  • 200g chocolate, bitter sweet
  • 2 Tablespoons Nutella
  • 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

  • Before you start baking you should preheat the oven to about 180° 
  • For beginning with the cake layer you need to squirl the butter until it really gets fluuuuuffy 
  • While stirring, you need to add the sugar, vanilla extract and the salt to the creamy mass until a smooth mixture is present
  • Now you can also add all the eggs, by quirling them into the dough on highest stage of your blender 
  • Add the flour combined with the baking powder on a lower level of your blender to the mixture(now it will get more sticky)
  • Spread 2/3 of the dough onto a greased baking tray
  • Mix the rest of the mass with the cocoa powder and the milk and spread it evenly on the white dough 
  • Now it is time to put out the cheeeeeeerries! Place them onto the dark mass and press them carefully into the mass
  • Put the baking tray in the carefully in the oven and let the cake bake for about 40 minutes. But always keep an eye on it while baking...
  • Now while the cake layer is in the oven, we can prepare the pudding/butter cream: Let´s start with making some vanillapudding (like it is written on the back of the pudding package ;)) Let this one cool down afterwards
  • This next step may is a little bit tricky: We take the butter and blend it smoothly and while doing this we put with a tablespoon step by step the pudding into while still quirling the mass all the time (for this you have to make sure that the butter is smooth and has room temperature, because otherwise the whole cream will coagulate and this isn´t tasty then anymore) 
  • In the meantime, if the cake layer is ready in the oven, you can put it out and simply let it cool down
  • If the cake is cooled down you carefully can spread the whole pudding cream evenly on it and put the whole cake in the fridge (for almost 1 hour minimum) 
  • Now you can put the chocolate, the oil and if you also like it the Nutella into a water bath for melting the chocolate and receiving a nice and creamy chooooocolatey mass ------> chocolate heaven
  • Afterwards you can meticulous spread the chocolate on the cake and make your own ornaments and decorations on it 
  • Let it again cool down until you wanna serve it :) 
FINISH!!! Now cut it into small squares and seeeeeeeerve AND my lovely eeeeeaters (ooooops of course I meant readers:D hahaaa EAT it =) hope you enjoy it and my recipe is successful *_*
Saturday, July 4, 2015

Heeeeelp needed :)

Huhuuuuu my bunnies :)

Soooo don´t worry, nothing too serious ;) 
I juuuust thought of why not asking you about this topic my dears ;) 
Hahaa I have to admit to all of you, as you all know now, I study primary school teaching with main subject "german as a second and foreign language" ;) and according toooo this, I have to practice three language courses in another language next to German, English and French :) So I decided to go for SPANISH ;) and in the first term I already passed the first one of these, but I struggled with the second one last year and failed with it :( uuuuups...
So now in this term I am offered the chance of redoing and repeating it!!! *_* 
Hihiii so here it goes now, as I am really struggling I think by doing some grammar and general practicing the whole language, I wanted to ask if there is anyone of my readers who loves talking spanish or is originally from Spain or living there ;) 
Hablas español?
Maybe anyone of you would like to have a little bit of chatting with me in spanish for helping me to get a little bit more used to the whole language ;) 
Because you all know: Learning by doing ;) and this would be the way I would try to do it ;) 
Soooooo if there would be anyone, I woooooooould be so so glad ;) simply contact me here on my blog or per maaaail ;)
Thaaaaank you so much my Loveliiiies <3 
Gracias por su ayuda ;) 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A few mixed and muddled thoughts and happenings ;) Summer arrives!!!!! *_*

Hellooooooo my Sweeties :)

I hope you are all doing fiiiiiiiine and enjoying the weather :) OMG summer now finally arrived here in Germany and this makes me so so unbelievably happy I can tell you :) Today it is about 30° and I am in love with it ;) ultimately I am able to lay down in the sun and get some taaaaaan *_* which I definitively need to get, I am so pale at the moment :)

Omg I now have to tell you about two little bit strange happenings which happened to me yesterday when I was at university :)
First I met a girl, who told me she comes from Iran (and only talked english by the way =)), who wanted to get a few tips from me of how she could be able to loose some weight :( First I was visibly shocked, but she always wanted to know more and more about me and my story, like how I was overweight and how I look now and in the end it tantamount into that she gave me tips of how I could be able to eat more :8 I really was confused about what to think about this, because is it still that obvious that I have an illness? :( yes, it definitively is..... :( especially now it is more visible, because wearing of me wearing tops, tshirts and short trousers and hot pants :(
Oh daaaaamn.... :(
The other strange happening followed ONLY two hours later, and I promise this is no lie!
I was just sitting in the coffee shop of our university and looking into my mobile, when a red haired girl came up to me and sad with a kind of uncomfortable and shy expression: "I already noticed you a few days ago, but I may ask you a strange question. But why are you so thin? " And this was the moment my face slipped away :D I could´t believe it and in the first moment I absolutely didn´t know what to answer her and I wasn´t aware of what she actually wanted to get to know from me by asking this.... :) but I was completely thinking wrong, because I thought she only wants to criticize me :( because she only wanted to have some company and was interested of how I tick in my head :) So I told her a bit about everything and she just wanted to be a nice company I think :) Oh haha by the way she originally comes from England haha :)
SOoooooo these two happenings again shuck me up and made me think a lot about my appearance to others and how thin I really am :(
So tooooday was also the day I went with my mum, sis, aunt, and cousin to a typical German Biergarten (it was so lovely sitting outside under all the trees and enjoying the warm temperatures =)) and I ordered (being the ONLY one at our table) a Bavarian Wurstsalat :) in a restaurant!!!! And as I knew I was glanced and stared by the people next to our desk, I somehow funnily felt proud ;) and I wanted to show what I can and aaaaaate =) 

So here now I just wanted to share some summery pics from our garden and some other stuff 
1. The view from our garden sitting place, especially in summer I love spending the evenings outside sitting here and watching the sundown ;)
2.Some flowers in our garden, which I looooove *_* 
3.hahaa I went cherry picking last week, this is something what I absolutely love and enjoy 
Wish you all a lovely evening my Cuties ;) hope to hear from you sooooon ;)