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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fear Food Fridays? :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey my Cuuties :-*
Anyway I am soooooo uncreative in the laaast days, which really enerves meeeeeeee :(
Any topic suggestiooooons?=) because I want to write sooo much more on my blog, but with only one had this also takes sooo long :(stupid aaaarm :( and I am so sorry for less posting :) -I hope sooooooooo much you still will visit my blog now and theeeeeeen and it doesn´t get boring :(

buuut I made myself a goaaaaal: by getting rid of the gypsum at my arm, I will also get rid of Miiiiss Mager! :) I know this is sooo necessary! :)
Sooo but now back to the actual topic I wanted to write about: FEAR FOOD FRIDAYS
So yesterday evening when I went on Instagram and read about like 100000000000 comments on so called fear food fridays :) have u ever heard of them ? On such daaaays everyone tries to force him or herself to scratch off something from their fear food list by eating something from it ;) sometimes people also share these meals by trying these things out together, like eating a whole bar of chocolate or a pint of ice-cream together :) what is your opinion of that ?=) I mean do you think it is helpful taking such an intention every week? on the one hand I think it is very very brave of all of the fighters for slowly working off their ff-lists (Like I am doing it as well with mine :D) buuuut on the other hand I think it is not sooo tactic only doing this once a week in an enormously planned way :) because of course I am very proud of every single fighter for forcing himself to try out new scary things (cheeeeeeer up!) but in my opinion this should happen by the time I decide it spontaneously, when I(!) feel ready for doing it =) don´t torture yourself with confronting yourself every single week with something which brings pain to you =) take your time working your list off, I promise you one day you will all be able to enjoy EVERY goodie from your ff-list : you are all worth recovery and I believe in every single one of you that you will be able to make it to full recovery ! believe in yourself just as I believe in you=)
Aaaaaand most important, what I actually wanted to say with this post, taaaaake your time =) you WILL reach your goal, no matter how long it takes, it will feel right and it will happen ;) I promise uuuuuu :) 
Love u all sooo much and have faith in yourself=) 
Puuuuuh next week my stage in primary school will go on, buuuut I am so much looking forward to all the cute kiddiiiiiiiiiies:-* *_____*
xxx wish you all a lovely evening
Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Daaaaay:-*

Heyheeeeeey my Honeeeeeys:)

Who wants to be my Valentine:) ???
Ooooh I can't choose...:D Hahaaa I simply take all of you*_* you are so cuuuuute;)
Hahhaaaaa I wish you all a nice day with your beloved ones and I hope you see it as a reason for eating Nutella with them, maybe as a present?:) or if your single, let me offer you a tip: Nothing helps better against a broken or lonely heart than eating Nutella out of the jar with a big big spooooon:) hihiii:)
Love you all:) Have a nice weeeeek;)
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life changes so fast......;)

Huhuuuuu my Cutiiiies :-*
How are you dooooooiiiing?😃😃
You will never ever believe what happened to me yesterday morning;).......
I was on the way to the primary schooooool where I am doing my working practice for 5 weeks due to university;) And theeeeeen it was like huuuups and i slipped on the street according to the icy ground.... Ooooooutsch:(
I already felt that something was wrong with my left arm, but I still spent the day at the school with all the soooooooooooooo unbelievably cute kiddies:) at lunchtime I went home and my mum immediately took me to Hospital where they checked me and found out my upper arm is broken......:(
Boooah I felt so horrible, MissMager and a broken arm, I am like a broken wreck:(
But I never will loose hope, I am still (even though I would have been allowed to stop doing my stage) continuing my stage and beat both: the pain of my arm, doing everything with only one hand and beeeeeeeat Miss M!!!!!!!;) Never stop fighters, no matter how hard life hits you:( so today as well my oldest 16-year old cat died :( everything at the same time, isn't it... why?:(
The only positive thing about this one hand thing is that it is harder to cheat with food and that is goood!!!! All against this illness!!!!
So enjoy every minute of life, it changes so fast!!!!!!
Love u all and I wish you a happy week;) breathe life in to its fulliest!!!!!!!!
Thursday, February 5, 2015

Whaaaaat special day is todaaaaay? =) *_*

Heyheyheyheeeeeey my Sweeties ;)


I know it nearly almost is over (at least here in Germany ;)), but I absoluteeeeeely have to honor this special day even if it is simply according to my blog ;) 
Sooooo what did you eat nutellalike today? =) hihiii I tried to use it as often as possible of course ;) hahaa for example there was no question on what to put on my toast for breakfaast;) I am sure you guess what :D
This is my hand with my personal
   Nutella jar (my name was sold, so I
       simply took one with "engelchen" which
means angel in german ;) haha:D
Soooooo nooow finally my exams are over noooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just earlier this day I did my last one in sport :) it was theoretical :) and now I am done for this term :) yeeeah ;) but next week I have to start my 5-week internship at a primary school ;) On the one hand I am really looking forward  to it, but on the other I just neeeeeeed holiday now ;) but first off is carnival now ;) 

Hope you are all having a good time and keep bravely fighting your personal Miss Mager ;) I for my part am still keeping it up as good as it is possible for me :) eating, eating, eating!!! Never forget that and even though sometimes it really feels hard and I have the feeling of a never ending vicious-circle,  I never will give in, because I then have a look at a very very bright and shining future, which I can´t have with not enough weight :) So I always remember that to myself and remind me of what my future is going to offer to me ;)
And especially on World Nutella Day I am so thankful for all of your support my lovelies ;) you can´t believe what your words and clicks mean to me and they make me so happy :-* 
Nuteella helped me eating again and so do you, so a very special thank you to all of you who read "How Nutella saved my Life"  :) THANK YOU!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy another spoonful of Nutella right out of the jar now ;) Sleep well :-*