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Monday, November 27, 2017

37.388 Readers :) OMG DANKE :)

Huuhuhuuu my cuties beauties and honeys :) 
This is me with my little baby
cousin :) Just wanted
to share it with u :) 

So on this evening, eating two of the "new" Nutella B-ready, i actually questioned myself how long i now actually have my blog "How Nutella saved my Life" now :) So I i just had a look back at a few of my earlier posts and discovered that my blog exists now for more than 3 years now :D OMG wow this feels kind of amazing for me ;) 
So I wrote my first ever blog post on the 10th of september 2014 :) What a special day for me somehow :) And in all this time kind more than 37.000 people read it and had a look at it ;) THANK YOU ALL :) I know i don´t really post regular anyhow, but i just want to let you know nearly every day i have a wee look on my page and check it ;) It still means the world to me seeing each click listened up on my statistics :) I still can't believe where all of you come from ;) and i am still not sure how you came to my website, but i am so glad you did ;) Here is to all my readers from all over the country :) I just wanna say a big big thank you to all of you that you came to visit my blog and maybe also continued reading my journey ;) and not left me alone like many other people did it :) 

Just an example of how it looks for me when you visited my blog ;) this makes me so happy to see :) 
I would truly love to listen up all the countries i have read on here, who made me feel so joyful, but this would take sooo long and i don´t think you wanna read all of them ;) so listening up some of the really constant readers i definitively can name Germany (hehe), UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Portugal, Ireland, India, France, Russia, Canada, Brasil and and and ... Just wow for me ;) Thanks to all of you reading my babbling and chattering :) feels somehow great for me to be seen somehow... because in earlier times and all in all i often do not really feel seen by many people :S but this is a different topic which doesn't´t really suit here :) 

Hahaaa and for finishing this post ;) here in Germany we have the first snow now of this year ;) heheee and now when December starts all the christmas fairy lights and markets show and i am so excited for this time of the year always ;)

xxxAll my love 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hahahalloweeen :)

Huhuuu Cutiepies and Honeybees :) 

Wow it already is the end October right now agaaain :S and Halloween is just around the corner now ;) Here in Germany this isn´t really something special or celebrated ;) the only thing are the hollowed pumpkins and motto parties :) So I just thought where this Halloween hype might come from and discovered that it is especially in GB and the USA such a big festivity just like our carnival time or something like this ;)

But there are also pages on the internet like : Halloween around the world, blaabla blah so i asked myself what do others do on this day to make it so special, because here we only have a free day of work from Allerheiligen on 1st of november ;) and this year also the special luther celebration day ;) but in Ireland or the Us some really go crazy on this day ;) there are endless websites about pumpkin recipes, trick or treats, scary bloody costumes and so on... :) really stunning to see :S haha :) 

So it all started in Ireland ;) where the people are all dressing up as creepy horrible figures and making bonfires at night :) and after trick-or treating they are also going for halloween motto parties, playing games like snap-apple and eating barnbrack :) The idea of putting out hollowed pumpkins also came from their country, because it was said that Jack O´Lantern derieved from hell and was banned to wander between heaven and hell ;) so the only thing he had was a candle in a hollowed beetroot ;) so there the tradition ;) 

In the Us this may also be a little bit kind of like this I think ;) But there are sooo different traditions as well, honoring the dead and all Saint´s Day on 1 st of November :

In Guatemala for example the people are decorating their cemeteries with colourful painted kites and handmade posters ;) Just as El Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico, which i think worldwide is more known ;) Here the people bring food, candles, flowers and other arrangements on the cemeteries for celebrating the reunion with their loved dead ones ;) They also bake skull shaped sweets and the bread of the dead for this event ;) Also in the whole country parades in honor of the deads are held, where everyone dresses up in skeleton or ghost themed costumes ;) 

So here in Germany Halloween is not so much celebrated, but it develops as well ;) On Allerheiligen tomorrow we also visit our beloved dead ones on the cemetery and decorate the graves with new flowers and arrangements ;) Lets see ;) I hope this post didn´t bore you but i just enjoyed writing it heheee ;) 

Wish you all a lovely sunny last day of October now ;) hopefully with much spoooooooky stories ;) xxxx

Friday, October 6, 2017

Autumn and my personal relation of letting things goo :)

Hey heeeey my lovely ooonnes ;) 

Aaaandd again long time no see, but a few days ago a really really good friend of mine sended me a pic with this quote: "Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go"
And this again made me feel like it would be time to write a blog again ;) and what suits more at the moment than autumn showing up outside :) Here in Germany the leaves all look like painted now and the trees let their leaves fall down -> they let them go.... And seeing this as an image, this is so beautiful in my opinion, because of course letting things go can feel hard, but at the same time it maybe feels relieving and liberating ;) 

Holding on to things can be as harmful as letting go... You can see this so well in your relationship to other people i think :S On the one hand you wanna hold on to somebody who maybe is not good at all for you :S So letting those people go maybe feels hard at first, but afterwards you then will realize they were not meant to stay in your life at all... You will feel happy about this.. Maybe not now, but i for myself hope one day i will.... :( 

So for me it at the moment is all about change and making decisions, which one i will do, i only can tell you if i truly made them.... So for the moment i try to enjoy my days ;) and have a lot of fun meeting some nice people and seeing it not too serious, because on many days i do not have many things to laugh about... But i think we all have those days, right? 
Sounds a little bit depressing now, but i am having some though times, but i nevertheless will give up or put my light down ..... :S because true Ange(l)s always will keep their head up :) 
Saturday, September 9, 2017

Quiiiickie updates about summer and the eeeeeend of it :S

Huhuuuuuuu Cuties and peooooplees :) 

Finally weeeeekend  *_* Yeeeey ;) So glad this looong working week is over again ;) there was so much to finish and prepare;) and also our server got an update and everything was like chaoooos :D So whats up right now? Autumn definitively has settled in and the temperatures here in Germany fell down rapidly and at night it is so freeeezing already :S 
And this is something i also notice a lot, because if the weather is so dusty, misty, rainy and not nice all day, my mood is also dropping so faaaast :( I hate that .......
But i think with this i am not alone, because it is a rather common phenomenon :S in German we say: wetterfühlig/empfindlich :( 
So what else did i doooo this summer, because i actually didn´t really go on vactation after my wonderful Barcelona holidays ;) 
In fact i truly tried to enjoy the warm summer days and spend a lot of time in the sun, and driving cabrio, going out, and making some daily trips to remember ;) So on one day me and my mum decided it would be time to make a trip to Prien :SS I think you may won´t remember which meaning this place has to me: I have been there at the clinic and since my release i wasn't there ....... so we picked up the car and visited the sea promenade and had lunch at the typical restaurant there and reviewed time a little bit.... i was so emotional on this day... but it was so amazing to see not so much has changed, just like only the season there and me and myself.....
This is at Prien at the Chiemsee :S

But nevertheless whats going on? Next week my second year of vocational school starts and also i am not bored at work at the moment ;) Because we changed our seats and now i sit in the main floor and get involved a lot more than sitting upstairs ;) so lets see how this develops and how and how much i like it :S 

Otherwise i had some new and old meet-ups with some nice people and met new people which truly made me somehow happy ;) i hope those are honest ones and i feel a little bit comfortable with them ;) So for example it is agaaain Augsburger Herbstplärrer (It´s Plärrer tiiiiime wuuuhuuuu *_*) And i and my sis went there again, but this time with some friends of her boyfriend ;) and it truly was so funny as well ;) we laughed so much, danced on the Bierbänke and had a lot of fun drinking ;) and sooo on ;) Haha Bavarian traditions can be so fun (you all over the world must tthink we are crazy somehow, but this is our culture guys ;DDD) 
So but now again enough :) i had a lot of alcohol yesterday and now i am a little bit tired :S but i wish you hopefully a lovely sunny sunday my cuties ;) 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hellooo again ;) All about terror and clicheeees ;) what opposites actually :S

Huhuuuu my Cuties ;) 
Long time noooo see/blog .... :S I am so sorry for this, but i absolutely felt so unsure of what to write about, it seemed like i had no idea of what could be blogged on here.... 
But according to an actual topic which can actually be connected to one of my recent posts, i thought of writing about it.... Terror in BARCELONA ;) Barcelona, my lovely holiday place this year, the city which i absolutely felt so welcomed and I enjoyed spending my time so muuuch... There something so horrible and shocking happened, i just can´t believe it ;) For me this is kind of unreal, because i exactly know the place at La Rambla where this transporter killed people.... :( and this makes you think about how would you have behaved in this certain situation? :( I really don´t know... Why do people act like this? Why do they kill others just to spread pain and fear? Don´t they know what they do to the family members and friends of the victims..... :S 

Especially the fact that this time it hit this wonderful, shining, welcoming, open-hearted city is so shocking for me ;) I just remembered how great it was being there, because you didn't just feel like a tourist, because all the people were really friendly, courteous and lovely :) so this truly is a really bad thing.....No words for this.....

SO to continue this post with something less dramatic and more normal, funny and Nutella-like again ;) I just read an article in our newspaper in which (according to holiday season now=)) typical cliches and stereotypes of nations were discussed and explained and it was so funny to read, so i also did some amusing research on this topic on the internet ;) And in this and the next few posts i will show now some of them, because all in one would be a little tooo much :D 

So i just start with the moooost important ones haha :D no just joking, but i really will start with my home country Germany ;) because we as the Deutsche have of course many prejudices in other nations ;) Buuut according to those, i am so zero percent a german haha :D because those say, that the Germans are always on time (=pünktlich), stingy (=sparsam, geizig), accurate and organized ;) and for me personally many of them have an stork in the ass ;) haha :D they are simply boring in some ways :) but they also get often are named with the stereotype of working hard on the one side, but also drinking beer all day and night ;) as well as eating sauerkraut and sausage always ;) Woman are always wearing a dirndl and men lederhosen ;) i think those are so funny to imagine :S 

So much on this now ;) next post probably will be about our lovely neighbors from the british isles ;) Haha but don´t worry i won´t be mean on you, because i love this country ;) 
Sending you all my love on this sunday ;) as here in Germany the sun is rare today xD 
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sometimes the things go another way planned, but most probably this is sooo much better and cooler ;)

Huhuuuuuu my angels ;) 
Initially i actually had planned to post something different right now, but soooo much crazy things happened recently and i now changed my plans and wanted to make a quick uuuuupdate right now ;))) 
Sooooo to start with the serious stuff (followed by the more cool and funny things;D) on thursday the week before last week I had my "Zwischenprüfung" from my apprenticeship (I googled it and the meaning in english i think is midterm exam?! :D) i hope u understand what i mean :DD So i had to do it in three subjects : Steuerlehre, Rechnungswesen and Wirtschaftslehre+Sozialkunde ;) to explain all of those it would be too complicated so lets just say it all was about taxes, numbers and earnings :) heehee to say it in short ;) 
I was so excited before the test and now i am just so happy it finally is over ;) hopefully i pass it ;) just press thumbs for the results :) 
So here we are Lukas in the "O", Susi in the "P" and me in the "B" 
Aaaaaand moving on ;) soooooo what i so much love about summer is, that the days are long and moost of the time (In germany this is rather seldom) the nights are not so cold and you can sit outside so long or go on open-air events and parties ;) 
And anoooooother big thing i wouldn´t ever be able to do with my fucking illness by my side was going on a festival and feeling free and great ;) Such an amazing experience i can tell you!!!!!!!!!!! I got the ticket as a birthday present already in march and was so nervous and excited about it :) I never imagined what it could be like at such a music festival with so many celebrating people for more than a whole weekend ;) :D but we had so much to drink with us that the mood automatically would come up :DDD

So i just decided to let it rolllllllll .... :) and it was a great decision ;) t is quite hard to describe all those feelings of such an atmosphere ;) because it was soooooo warm and just perfect for sitting outside at the camping place, meeting many new exciting people and going on the stage, listening, dancing and celebrating to the electric music beats ;) just feeling kind of free... sounds strange, but this is just like it felt ;) not caring what anyone thinks of you and just doing whatever you enjoy, love and feel like in this moment ;) and forgetting about the daily life and being someone different just right where you are *_* So just WOW for finishing this post ;) stepping out of your known and walking right in the unknown sometimes just can be one of the greatest ideas of your life, okaaaay? ;) 
Again another fake tattooooo and many bracelets ;)
The style i love *__*
Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Nutella Girl goes to BARCELONA *_*

HUUUUUUUHU my Cuuuties :-*
I really wanted to buy this shirt i swear ;) but then i saw
those Nutella B-ready and they are heaven
so i bought these ;) Haha 

I am sooo sorry for not having posted for a while, but i didn't have any focus for blogging the last weeks :D Some school work, having some new contacts in private life, work, ...... etc... :) but all in all it was such a cool time ;) eeeeeespecially last week, becauuuuse I was in BARCELONA for 5 days *___* Ah I loved and enjoyed it so much, you won´t believe if i tell you ;) I fallen so in love with this fantastic beautiful southern city ;) 

So this all in all was a really funny story, because our flight from Munich was booked at 12.55 :) and i forgot at booking that i have my "steuerlehre" test at this day as well :S so i actually planned to skip school at this day, buuut no, so i went there, wrote the test and off we drove to Munich :) haha so lucky it all mostly went well ;) so after our rather short flight we arrived at BARCELOOONA  ;) it kind of felt unreal at first, but i was so glad taking some days off :) So we went by metro to the street where our booked AirBnB was ;) it was so much in the center, only a few meters away from one of the most busy and connecting places: Plaza Catalunya ;) It was a lovely small room with a cool balcony ;) and the special thing on our arriving day was it was a public holiday and the whole night there were some fireworks all over the city *_* WOW ;) 
Here it is my little heart *_*
SO the next days we wanted to see something of the city, so on the following day we shopped our way down Las Ramblas, which is the typical shopping street with many many sales stands with souvenirs, food places, and many other stuff ;) I loved it ;) So we also visited Hard Rock Cafe and i love those shirts and merchandise ;) In the evening we had booked a night bus tour where we saw the city at night and this also was like being in another world ;) everything so colorful, warm and cute ;) In the next days (because i have to make it shorter otherwise this post takes ages ) ;) we visited the world famous La Sagrada Familia (the lights of the windows was breathtaking), the Park Guell, drove a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour, spend an afternoon at the Beach, visited a chocolate Museum ;) and I spontaneously made my first TATTOO ;) here in Barcelona :DD OMG this was such a funny happening ;) we saw a tattoo studio in kind of a backyard called "Meat Shop" (the name is so crazy as well haha) and i decided to make a little open heart on my left hand ;) Wow and my tattoo artist also was half german ahaha :) And it has such a special meaning to me ;) But i think many of you will now ;) kind of a reminder for myself ;) 
Soooo al in all the 5 days went on toooooooo fast and i was so sad at our flight home :S but nevertheless, i definitively know now, i wanna live in another country one day ;) maybe only for a short episode of time, but i will ;) Thanks so much Barcelona for such a special time ;) *_* Wish you all now a great day now ;) I have to learn for my midterm exam in 2 weeks.... :S Wish me luck okay? ;) xxxx
Thanks Mama for making it unforgettable ;) :-*