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Saturday, March 31, 2018

It´s ma birthday *_* and easter :DDD

Huhuuuuuu all you lovely ones :) 
how is the day? :) Are you all doing fine? :) I hope sooo :) 

On the 29th maaaarch was kinda a very special day for me :) It was my 23rd biiiirthday *_* Cheers to this :D 
I received some sooooo cute goods ;) Like some bluetooth over-ear headphones in rose gold and they work awesome :) Listening to good music can make you feel so much better even in worse times... :) And at this topic, I know what i am talking about :S Oh and also i got some wonderful pretty bracelets :) one in silver glitter and the other one also in rose which has engraved the saying : " Wherever your heart leads you" so gorgeous isn´t it? :D 
Oh i was so happy receiving so many wonderful birthday wishes from so many beloved people, this absolutely made my day :) Haha i also got a bunch of flowers which looks so pretty and just looking at it makes you feel better and more happy :) 

Soooo and now what else is on right now? Tomorrow is the 1st of april and this as well means Easter Sunday this year :) Do you celebrate easter in a special way? :) Do you also color eggs and bake some lambs ? =) Or do you have any other traditions which are important for you ? =) 
Sooooo for my next post i am still searching for some strategies of learning of how to deal with fear :( because this is a topic which really bothers me at the moment :) because getting rid of Miss Mager, makes some fears show up, which kind of seem very hard for me to deal with :) so if you know any good strategies, pleeeeease let me know ;)
So much for now, i wish everyone of you a nice and wonderful easter celebration with your beloved ones and simply a great time searching easter bunnies and eggs :) xxxxx
Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Easter, the weather and other aches :S #the flu

Huhuuuuu my Bunnies :) 
Easter is coming faster and faster :D Haha no really i am not at all in any easter mood at all.... but no matter, for me it does not mean too much :) the only thing this year is, my birthday is 3 days before easter sunday so on Gründonnerstag this year :) (i googled it and in english it is called Maundy Thursday :D cool appellation) So this will be the only celebration thing for me i think mostly :) buuuut all the easter bunnies and chicken look so cute always :) 

Alsooo SPRING is kicking in here in Germany :) 2 weeks ago it was so fucking freezing, with like -22°C and now yesterday it was lovely with +17°C :) What a nice change :) 

Sooooo what is your favorite time of the year ? Is it the snowy and cold winter, with the beautiful snow layered landscape or more the warm, hot summer days and nights, you could spend outside in the sun? Or are you more the kind of person who loves when the nature comes back to life in spring after the long winter months? With all the snowdrops and daffodils creeping out of the ground just like now these days? :) Puuuh for me all i can definitively say is that i am not a kind of autumn person... For sure those golden autumn days with all the sprinkled and coloured leaves on the trees and the ground look just stunning and beautiful in the sun, but on those rainy, dusty (typical german :D) days in autumn all my mood goes down and i hate such weather :) But this is just me :) I love the nature right now and i llooooooooove and adore those hot summer days and nights when you could sit outside and enjoy the warmth :) 

Soooo now also i can add here, that i normally enjoy winter as well, with all the snow and the landscape glittering in the sun :) buuuuuuut 2 weeks ago the flu hit me so hard and i felt soooo sick :( haven't felt that bad since aaaaaages :( like i got everything at the same time: fever, headache, earache, sinus infection, baaaaaad coughs and sneezing all the time :( sooooooo obstinately :(S luckily this is over now i hope for a longer time now :) 
Wish you all a lovely week now honeys :) xxxxxxx
Saturday, February 10, 2018

Carniiiival Time In Germany :) oder Faaaasching *_*

Helloooohelooooo hello again ;) 
So how is your 2018 going so far? =) Having some good or rather bad days? :) Hmmmm my days actually can be all in all seen neither the one nor the other.... Sooo should i start with the bad news? :) Okay so here we go... my cousin, who only is 12 years old was found out having leukemia and this all hit us very hard and we all hope he soon will be well again.... and this year things will also change for me again and i made the decision of again going into the clinic in which i was 2015/2016 for all in all winning this damn battle against anorexia..Lets see when the journey begins... 
my own creation which i made at my creative lesson :) 
Me and some friends at a faschingsball :D 

Hard words -hard meaning and so you may all are asking yourself, what so far went good for her in 2018? Hmmmmm there still are some things which make me hope for the future and having a nice life !!!!! In 2018 my family is moving to another village and my parents are building a house there, which looks so modern, comfy and wonderful!! Can´t believe it will be part of my future :) And also i still enjoy my job and even though taking a break from going to school, i will be able to finish it and stick to it! :) thanks to my employer :) Sooo and for my private life there also still is hope and i feel so great right now having such a fun time in Fasching :) celebrating, drinking, and doing stupid funny unreal things i totally enjoy soooo much :) Like getting dressed up and smiling, laughing, kissing, faking and sooo on... (Haha i know i am not a saint according to this topic)

I think a year ago or something i already wrote a blog about this topic carnival here in Bavaria, so this year it nearly is the same and i totally loooooove it and enjoying the simple moment is so much cooler than overhinking everything and think about those fucking things from the beginning of this post..... right? For sure! :) 

Oh and now a positive pic at the end: It finally snowed here sooo beautiful ;) even though it is cold, it looks so beautiful :) Thanks for still reading my blog it means the world to me xxx
Thursday, January 18, 2018

Welcome in 2018 :) what will it offer? :) or take?.........

Huhuuuu Cuties :) 

WELCOME IN 2018 *openingupabottleofsparklingwine* 
I wish you a wonderful enjoyable new year with lots of hopefully great memories and experiences you wanna remember :) For myself this upcoming year will for sure not become an easy one .... In the progress you all for sure will notice why... I made some decisions which will be necessary to say completely goodbye to my illness...But more later :DD 

Soooo my therapist asked me today something really really confusing or worth thinking about :S She said, where do you see yourself in two years from now? :) When all that fuck with illness and feeling sad is over? Do you have a perspective in life? :) WOW and that truly hit me .... and you know why? ;) Because i absolutely had no idea of what to answer!!!!!! :) 

Where do i see myself? Hmmm.... this made me think so much and now i for sure know one thing: Getting out of my daily routine and live for a episode of time in another country :) And for sure, i want to have finished my apprenticeship :) successfully!!!! 
But also i am relatively sure i won´t work as a tax assistant my whole life or even afterwards the whole time ;) I just wanna have a not too confusing, difficult job, which offers me an interesting work surrounding and some diversity :) And a funny dream since my childhood is to work in a cafe or a bar or a restaurant as a service girl ;) Especially just a small cute vintage cafe in a big city would be some childhood dream ;) Haha when i was little i also always wanted to become postman :) Loved to bring letters to the receiver :DDDDD 
Did you also have some childhood faves? :D Just asking because i also wanted to become a princess ;) but this for sure is a typical girl thing right?
Me and my mum picking up Papas new audi in Ingolstadt :)
Wow what an experience i can tell you 
Wish you all now a great time :) Make the best out of it ;) I know you can and never forget what dreams you have every day okay :) xxxxxx Love ya
Saturday, December 23, 2017

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jiiiingle all the Way :) *_*

Advent advent, ein Lichtlein brennt. Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier, dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür :) 

A German, lets say poem for the holy time of the year: the Advent :) (I just recognized i do not really know a proper english word for it actually, just christmas time?!) 

These are the cookies we baked:
Schoko Crossies, Spitzbuben,
Guinness-Cookies, Vanillekipferl
Sooo tomorrow there already is the day: Christmas/Holy Eve *_* When i was a little girl this meant something sooo special for me, but honestly i must say this year i am not too much in christmas mood ;) For sure i looooove looking for presents and making them to my beloved ones, and all the shiny bright christmas lights everywhere ;) this just makes this time of the year so special and wonderful ;) I just hope that all in all everything will go on well next year and i can have some peaceful, calm and enjoying days with my family and friends ;) <3 they mean the world to me and after this year again i can truly say i am so happy to have them always by my side :) Danke :) <3 

So how are you spending the Holy Eve this year? With your family or partner, friends, or hopefully not alone? :) I just wish you all the best for this season and what did you do in the past 4 weeks? Celebrate Advent as well?
Here in Germany we enjoy going on Christmas markets, spend time together at Weihnachtsfeiern and bake Plätzchen and cookies :) 
Our Kitchen and living room are decorated a lot this time again ;) 

So for example i went to the Augsburger Christkindlsmarkt this year and also to smaller ones around here in the villages :) Also we light each Sunday in Advent our Christmas Wreath with the four candles for counting the weeks till Christmas Day :) 

Sooo and now i wish you all (No matter in which way you celebrate this special time:)) a wonderful, holy christmas celebration with many laughters, smiles and just a great time ;) Lots of love to all of you ;) xxxxxx

Monday, November 27, 2017

37.388 Readers :) OMG DANKE :)

Huuhuhuuu my cuties beauties and honeys :) 
This is me with my little baby
cousin :) Just wanted
to share it with u :) 

So on this evening, eating two of the "new" Nutella B-ready, i actually questioned myself how long i now actually have my blog "How Nutella saved my Life" now :) So I i just had a look back at a few of my earlier posts and discovered that my blog exists now for more than 3 years now :D OMG wow this feels kind of amazing for me ;) 
So I wrote my first ever blog post on the 10th of september 2014 :) What a special day for me somehow :) And in all this time kind more than 37.000 people read it and had a look at it ;) THANK YOU ALL :) I know i don´t really post regular anyhow, but i just want to let you know nearly every day i have a wee look on my page and check it ;) It still means the world to me seeing each click listened up on my statistics :) I still can't believe where all of you come from ;) and i am still not sure how you came to my website, but i am so glad you did ;) Here is to all my readers from all over the country :) I just wanna say a big big thank you to all of you that you came to visit my blog and maybe also continued reading my journey ;) and not left me alone like many other people did it :) 

Just an example of how it looks for me when you visited my blog ;) this makes me so happy to see :) 
I would truly love to listen up all the countries i have read on here, who made me feel so joyful, but this would take sooo long and i don´t think you wanna read all of them ;) so listening up some of the really constant readers i definitively can name Germany (hehe), UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, Portugal, Ireland, India, France, Russia, Canada, Brasil and and and ... Just wow for me ;) Thanks to all of you reading my babbling and chattering :) feels somehow great for me to be seen somehow... because in earlier times and all in all i often do not really feel seen by many people :S but this is a different topic which doesn't´t really suit here :) 

Hahaaa and for finishing this post ;) here in Germany we have the first snow now of this year ;) heheee and now when December starts all the christmas fairy lights and markets show and i am so excited for this time of the year always ;)

xxxAll my love 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hahahalloweeen :)

Huhuuu Cutiepies and Honeybees :) 

Wow it already is the end October right now agaaain :S and Halloween is just around the corner now ;) Here in Germany this isn´t really something special or celebrated ;) the only thing are the hollowed pumpkins and motto parties :) So I just thought where this Halloween hype might come from and discovered that it is especially in GB and the USA such a big festivity just like our carnival time or something like this ;)

But there are also pages on the internet like : Halloween around the world, blaabla blah so i asked myself what do others do on this day to make it so special, because here we only have a free day of work from Allerheiligen on 1st of november ;) and this year also the special luther celebration day ;) but in Ireland or the Us some really go crazy on this day ;) there are endless websites about pumpkin recipes, trick or treats, scary bloody costumes and so on... :) really stunning to see :S haha :) 

So it all started in Ireland ;) where the people are all dressing up as creepy horrible figures and making bonfires at night :) and after trick-or treating they are also going for halloween motto parties, playing games like snap-apple and eating barnbrack :) The idea of putting out hollowed pumpkins also came from their country, because it was said that Jack O´Lantern derieved from hell and was banned to wander between heaven and hell ;) so the only thing he had was a candle in a hollowed beetroot ;) so there the tradition ;) 

In the Us this may also be a little bit kind of like this I think ;) But there are sooo different traditions as well, honoring the dead and all Saint´s Day on 1 st of November :

In Guatemala for example the people are decorating their cemeteries with colourful painted kites and handmade posters ;) Just as El Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico, which i think worldwide is more known ;) Here the people bring food, candles, flowers and other arrangements on the cemeteries for celebrating the reunion with their loved dead ones ;) They also bake skull shaped sweets and the bread of the dead for this event ;) Also in the whole country parades in honor of the deads are held, where everyone dresses up in skeleton or ghost themed costumes ;) 

So here in Germany Halloween is not so much celebrated, but it develops as well ;) On Allerheiligen tomorrow we also visit our beloved dead ones on the cemetery and decorate the graves with new flowers and arrangements ;) Lets see ;) I hope this post didn´t bore you but i just enjoyed writing it heheee ;) 

Wish you all a lovely sunny last day of October now ;) hopefully with much spoooooooky stories ;) xxxx