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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Such wonderful people and thoooooose other ones... :$

Huhuuuuu all of you angels and devils out theeeere :) 
Haha no of course i know you are all just angels for suuuure (just like me right haha :D) 

Sooooo this post is dedicated to all the people who are always behind my back and by my side at every stage of my life !!!!! Those who are so special to me and never left my side even in the most dark days up to today :) *_* I think you all know who you are :) and i just know that without you i wouldn´t be where i am today ;) 
So i may also once wrote a post about this topic, but in the last time i again and again realize how important it is to have people around you who you know you can always count on ;) even if you act like the mooooooost silly person on the planet, like the maybe most awkward and embarrassing one and also like the most ill one :S People that never left your side are like a pot of gold at one side of the rainbow : indispensable and essential ;) 
Seeing people leave in life is common, and seeing them moving on also, but seeing people leaving your life with kind of a bitterness and disgust is so hard i truly can tell you......
Loosing someone who once was your best friend can be harmful and this also is..... but moving on if a person does not want to stay in your life is essential as well ;) because this is part of living :) so forget about those and don´t look back (I speak from my own experience, because still caring for them is wrong :) I always keep reminding myself: Karma hits everyone by time....

Haha no i am not mean at all, but i just remember how bad those people were behaving towards myself when i was looking like dead.... they handled me like i was dead: I wasn´t invited anywhere to join them and i wasn´t asked to come along with them :S when we met, we just said hello and this was it :S all they were doing was giving me the greeeat great advice of seeking help in a clinic :( of course in the end they were right : the clinic was the best thing which i could do, but the way they treated me in these days, just was the worst shit and fuck.... :( So just so much to this topic :) but still until today i think such false friends exist for everybody in some situations of their life... they never leave your mind and your ways forever....maybe some of those should keep this in their mind as well... just saying ...

Now up to those who never left and still took my hand when i was at the worst point in my life ;) I hope you all know who you are and i want you to know that i truly LOVE U :) even if i am sometimes bad showing it, you are the BOMB !!!!^^
Thanks for all the helping hands, the hard words, the warm gestures and the open heart :) I love u to pieces ;) And for all of you reading this I want you to know that this blog means so much to me and i am so happy you are reading it with a good intention ;) xxxx
Thursday, May 4, 2017

Awwwww... is it really MAY again?

Haaaappy May everyooonee :) 

Sooo my lovely cuuute readers ;)
It is May now ;) Uuuuuunbelievable right? Where has the time gone? I absolutely can't really believe it.... Especially because the weather is sooo bad here these days.. only rainy, dusty, windy and NO sun :( Last week we also had snow again :S hopefully spring or summer one day will coooome back :) 
The view out of my bedroom window :SSS brrrr last week
-> today it is raining like crazy :D 

Sooo 3 days ago was the first day of may and do you also celebrate this day as a public holiday? ;) Here the workers have a day off work and it also is kind of celebrated in another way ;) So lets see if i can show you a little bit of the german traditions? ;) or even the bavarian or swabian ones :) I don´t actually know it ;) But here for the 1st of May called "Maibäume" are set up in each little village :) Those are large tree trunks, which are decorated with individual artful carvings and wreath around it ;) 
And also it is a common tradition that boys put up a small baby birch tree decorated with a wooden heart and little tapes in all different colors in the treetop, in front of the house of a girl they like :) This usually shows that they adore and are mad about the girl they want to impress with the gesture of putting it up in the middle of the night so that they don´t notice it :) the difficult thing about it also is, that in the "Freinacht" (the night from 30th of april to the 1st of may) it is allowed tradition that everything can be stolen and put under the big Maibaum in each village ;) or it is stolen and never brought back :S and this often is the case at the Maierle ;) because other persons try to steal them at the night and hide them away ;) which is so unfair in my opinion :S buuuut luckily mine hasn't been stolen :D beeeeecause this year i also received one :) hahah this made me so happy, because mostly the girls with a boyfriend get one of theirs :) buuuut i don´t have a boyfriend so i found it so lovely that a guuuuuy set it up just for meee :) heehe :) lets see :) 

Tooo continue what also is going on ;) At the end of april to may here in Augsburg it also is time for the Augsburger Plärrer again ;) I think i already wrote about one in another post, but it is every year two times again and it every time is something special ;) it also was the first time now i wore my Dirndl this yeaaaaar now ;) so this season now also is opeeeened now ;) So this time i also went there twice ;) On the opening day, easter sunday with some really wonderfull friends I knew from going out ;) and on sunday now with my sister Susi and here boyfriend ;) who i both truly enjoy spending time with ;) heehe ;) So we had a great evening there ;) 
Haha I also got a traditional gingerbread heart
with saying like "beast" :DD
 And to finish this post : 
Here comes  a special greeting to a wonderful friend from school who i told about this blog and she read my whoooole blog (which is kind of a little much :D Haha) and i just want to mention her heeeeeere ;) Hahaa so hiiii Patricia ;) 
I wish you all now a nice, lovely and calm evening ;) enjoy yourself and seize the day :DDD 
Friday, April 14, 2017

Eastertime in Germany and everywhere ;) *_*

Haaaaappy Springtime everyooone :) *_*

Actually the weather this weekend shouldn´t even be that nice, but in the last week it just was so much like spring and all the nature seems to come back to life again ;) Ahh i absolutely love this so much ;) also the days are getting longer and brighter again which really boosts my mood up ;) So far so gooood, what´s on right now? 

-> The answer is: Easter is just around the corner and today we have the "Karfreitag" (Good Friday in english i think:D) But i recently asked myself, is easter really celebrated 
everywhere in the world? Because it actually just is a christian holiday, or am i wrong
? ;) 

Selfmaaade ;) 
So i used my good old friend Google for help :DDD and so i came up to the funniest easter traditions :D because whereas here in Germany it is totally common and normal that the easter bunny brings us eggs in a easter basket, this is seen in other countries as absolutely crazy and confusing ;) because what has a rabbit to do with eggs?? :) especially if they are coloured or out of chocolate? :S SO you see here in Germany the kids get cute little baskets on easter day which are said to be delivered from the easter bunny itself and being hidden in the garden for the kids to search them ;) but not also those baskets are prepared for easter in Germany, each family creates and decorates a braided basket with a self-baked cake-lamb, some (maybe self-colored easter eggs-> haha i also coloured a few yesterday), a loaf of bread, some salt, and an easter candle for letting them consecrate in church on easter day ;) I think this is a really typical tradition here in Germany :) also the houses are decorated with many cute little easter eggs, hens, chickens, rabbits, spring flowers :) 

Time for my belooooved cat ;) BOBBEL B :) 

But some other very funny traditions i read about was the herring funeral in Ireland or the water shower in poland ;) i even don´t know if they are really common, but it was so funny to read about those as well ;) So on Good Friday today we do not eat any meat ;) so there is fish for lunch, but many people also go the traditional Kässpätzle essen ;) 
Sooo but now enough theory about all those festivities, now you know how to celebrate it, so lets do it hahaa just joking ;) I wish everyone of you a wonderful, relaxed, less troubled easter weekend and a lot of free time for your beloved ones ;) xxxxxx 
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The ultimative Schnaaaapszahl 22 :)

Huhuuuuuuuuu Sweeties :) 

Oh yeeees just as the topic itself saaaays, I am officially 22 now :) OMG what an old aage right? :D
Noo of course not ;) I truly can tell you it was such a special day for me ;) And all in all it especially were the right people who made it as wonderful as it could even be for me ;) 
Soooo on the 29th i had taken a leave of absence from work and been woken up by my cat Bobbel actually quiet early ;) It was like he would know it was my birthday, because he often jumped into my bed when i was younger, but since last year never made it anymore ;) and on this daaay he jumped next to me and started cuddling :D it was sooo cute *_* 

Looooook what a cuuuute chocolate 
Nuuuutella Cake my mammy made for me *_* heaven as you can guess :D

All my presents hehe ;) 
So afterwards i made breakfast and received some sweet presents like a handbag, a jewelry for my pandora bracelet, colors for painting, a parfum, some clothes i had already chosen and some sweeeeeets ;) After that me and mum made our way to Augsburg to a clothes shopping center, which kind of has aaaaaaaall sorts and brands of clothes ;) Wow it was so big and i truly fell for it in a true euphoria hahaaaa :) I bought a some jackets, shirts, earrings, a sun glass and and and..... :S it was so fun ;) and so expensive in the end... :D 
For lunch we went for a place which offers "running sushi" you know this? Hahaa no it is not running after a sushi piece, it more is like a flow belt which again and again passes you table with all kind of different asian dishes and sushis :) each one on little cute plates you can take from it and eat ;) we booked all you can eat and it was just so nice :) and especially guessing which food is what was fun ;) because many of the chinese foods are so uncommon here as well ;) 

So and in the evening we had some relatives and friends at our house here and it was also such a lovely way to finish this very special day for me ;) And another thing which made it such a wonderful day, that i was so surprised of how many people sent me their congrats :) there were like over 65 people sending me a message and this made me feel somehow special and i loved it :) Sorry hehe :) I feel so happy about this day all in all ;) Thanks to everyone who made it as lovely as it was :) xxxxx all the best to you ;) 
Saturday, March 25, 2017

One year agooooo ;) wow can´t believe it ;)

Goood morning  and haaaappy weekend my sweethearts :) <3

Yeeeeeeeah the week is nearly finished ;) haha at least the working part of it ;) 
First cabrio tour of 2017 *_*
I had a little more short week than normally, because i was sick two of the days because i had such back and all in all aches all over from my shoulders down my spine :S I felt so whacked all the week and so i missed one day of school and work, because i felt like i couldn´t really make it without getting too stressed over it :) 
So do you have any plans for the weekend? 
Here in Germany i hooope so much (but the chances may bee good :)) that spring settles in a bit :) Like all the beautiful little spring flowers come out and the suuuuun also shines on some days *_* Aw i am so in love with the lovely weather :) this is something which influences my mood soooo (often too) much ;) haha i am so much better at days when the sun is out and i feel like relaxed, calm, happy and glaaaad ;) 

RED again and not caring what others think ;)
Hell yeeeeeeeees :D 
Sooo now a short update ;) On the 23rd of march,  it exactly was a year i was released from the clinic :) WOW it feels so amazing for me that it is now 1 YEAR !!!! I can´t really believe how much has changed since then ;) Like in myself and all the people around me ;) I am so much happier now and looking back makes me feel so sentimental ;) because how many things happened and what experiences i made, made me the person i am now ;) And this makes me as happy as i could even be ;) Going through some hard, though times leaves its mark on a person, but each scratch makes me more unique and strong ;) like a battle wound which hurts so much, but after going through it, you will be proud that you survived! And this is how it kinda feels for me ;) 
I hope you know what i ttry to tell by this ;) each mistake, illness, hard time in life always will reveal a lesson for you, you maybe never wanna make again and this is how it shapes you to become the person you are ;) and i also love the quote: When life gets hard, remind yourself diamonds are made under pressure!!!!!

So never stay at one point stuck in your life, move on, forget, forgive, love again and never get stuck in the past ;) this is the wrong direction ;)
This is truly what i am also trying to do now: Being free and do stuff i wanna do, no matter what others could talk about ;)
So last weekend me and my sis were at an amazing concert of a well-known DJ, you also know Felix Jaehn? It was just a stunning atmosphere and we truly enjoyed ourselves ;) also got drunk and still trying to keep this euphoria of such evenings up and be myself ;) 

So much about me now ;) I hope you are all fine and having a wonderful, saturday morning ;) and a great weekend;) any special plans for next week? ;) 
Haha my only plan is getting older  ;) My birthday is coming up.... ;) 
xxxxxxxxxx <3
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Calm down, relaaaax.. :) Life is coooool

HUhuuuuu huuuns ;) and all my buns :) 

How are you? It is the middle of the week and i am a bit powerless already puuuuh :) don´t exactly know why but feeling a bit dizzy since yesterday and i hope this will paaaass ;) staying optimistic ;) because on the weekend i am going to a big big concert ;) *_* Felix Jaehn is coming to Augsburg ;) hehe and guess who was a ticket ????? -><-

So one thing i also realized today is (One thing is: I am a very aggressive car driver :D haha) that something i truly have to work on is calming down and not being over the point as soon as i get a little stressed or under pressure ;S because i am so much like from 0 to 180 in one second or something ;) this exactly happens for example on my way to work ;) I nearly start from home on time (maybe already a few seconds late) but then i have like 100 slow trucks in front of me or which is rather as annoying as a truck a car which never drives in the normal allowed speed ;) they seem like they wanna win an award as the slowest people on the street ever :D haha i am too sarcastic now, i am sorry, but today i was in a bit of a hurry and i really went in such an aggressive mood because all people driving so slow and damn in a slow queue :( I really had to calm down afterwards :( I know this sounds like a really stupid problem, but for me this makes me feel stressed :( and i know the only way becoming less aggressive is getting started earlier for less time problems :( but this is something i am so bad at managing :( haha time management is not my strong point :DDD

This also is in many parts of my life a challenge for me: Time management and general management and organization itself :S

But more about this topic in the next post ;) I am now going to watch the "Bachelor" (haha you guys know this dating show in your country as well? ;)) soooo stupid but funny to watch :D wish you all a wonderful night now ;) xxxxxxxxxx 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Overthinking and routine kills.... :)

Huhhuuuuuuuuu my Sweetnuts ;)
I know the topic sounds not very happy, springily and flowery, but actually it just features this blog post which i wanted to write since aaaages very well ;) 
Just a few short updateeeees about life right now ;) 
it of course needed to be pink ;) haha :D 

Sooo carnival is now over and i maaaade many many great new experiences, met many new cool people and simply had a fuuuuun and amazing time ;) which i really didn´t expect at all, because i never was such a carnival person, but it was so nice *_* 
Aaaaaaand so i had no school this week, but also work ;) but today i took the day off simply all in all for ME and went shopping to Augsburg ;) the weather was so lovely and warm so i went into the Annastraße and did some clothes and present shopping ;) AAAnd relatively spontaneous i decided to go to the piercer and maaaade a belly piercing ;) Hahaa :D this was something i was so unsure, but now i gooooot it ;) Heeeeell yes ;) Sorry i am a bit euphoric right now ;) last evening and today i am doing now absolutely nothing, because after last week the end dash of carnival and friday night out i am so tiiiiired haha ;S 

So now back again to my post intention ;) 
Something which i sooo often always realize again and again: Having some routine of course is necessary for every-day life but it especially if you have some tendency for any kind of addictions caaan be dangerous :S For me this always shows in the smallest little things which can suddenly make me feel confused in any situation :S Like for example, since i started working and also at any day in the week my eating times vary so so much that it really became unimportant for me, which at my worst time was like a succession of rituals and processions :( Oh this was so horrible thinking only about food each day and it became a habit and a routine :( it became worse and worse day by day if you don´t break through it and change something ;) so on the weekend i stand up later and make my breakfast also later and at working days i eat my bread for lunch and the warm meal for dinner :) so this simply varies and i lost the kind of ritual thing for it ;) So keep varying also the smallest things so that there is no chance of it becoming too strict for you ;) 

Also another thing i wanted to write about such a long time ago is my tendency of overthinking really EVERYTHING :) It kinda is like if i am/was having a great time and i totally enjoyed myself afterwards i pass every little detail again and again in my head and paraphrase like 1000 things into it .... of course: negative ones and i think i made this and that wrong again :( I hate this, because i know when i made it i was feeling so great and also mostly confident and sure about it :S So this truly makes me insecure afterwards and unhappy so this is a real problem for me, because i am such a person who enjoys something with her heart if she feels for it ;) but if i don´t feel comfortable i also immediately start asking myself what decisions i took were wrong or why i am feeling not good right where i am :( puuuuh a little bit confusing right? =) 
Haha so i better head up to bed right now ;S But i hope you somehow understood what i wanted to tell you about :) all going on in my head :S :D 
So i wish you a wonderful night now and a great start into the new week ;) hopefully it will be a good one ;) Lots of looove xxxx